Duration of fermatas in playback (with Noteperformer 4)


after xml -importing a choral score which I wrote in MuseScore before, I found that the Noteperformer playback of a fermata seems to be ignored in playback, equal which duration for the fermata is chosen from the menu.

When I delete it and select another one, it still doesn’t play as expected.

While selecting another duration from the right menu, Dorico crashed once,
Report was sent.

I know that the duration probably can be changed in key editor but guess that shouldn’t be necessary for each fermata. How can I solve this?
Two bars attached; it was the same issue with all fermatas in the score.

Thank you!

Requiem_Hold_Fermate.dorico (1,1 MB)

Fermatas do not (yet?) playback. You can adjust timing using the tempo track and/or hidden tempo changes.


It is a current limitation of Dorico, not NP.

Have a search of the forum to find out more, and why (it’s complicated to implement).

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OK, thank you both for your quick response. :+1: Interestingly, MuseScore 4 with MuseSounds played Mordents and Turns as well as the Fermatas correctly.
I didn’t assume the implementation was that complex, but I still won’t go back to MS so fast :wink:

Finale has long had an implementation for fermata playback, but because playback is not uniform for live musicians, the Finale implementation is inflexibly crude.

My expectation is that when Dorico releases a playback implementation for fermatas, it will be more flexible than what exists now. Meanwhile I am quite happy to implement fermatas manually until a programmed solution exists.


Thank you for the information.
I’m happy to wait and use the workaround for both, ornaments and fermatas.

Apologies to everyone that I didn’t have any search results at first because I didn’t search the correct term. I actually installed Finale as a test some days ago,
but it felt like in Windows 95 or Capella (which I have since long) (:cold_face:), so I deleted it right away, I didn’t even get the general playback running in Finale, it was MUCH easier here. :clap: