Durations of (n) tuplets

Pardon, I’m stumped as to how I can reliably, consistently generate durations such as (one minim + one triplet-crotchet = total duration of eight triplet-quavers) or (one full crotchet + one triplet-crotchet = total duration of five triplet-quavers).

I seem to have stumbled upon getting the first IF it starts on the second quaver of a triple-quaver group: viz., by inputting the note as a (triplet) crotchet (such that the tuplet isn’t carried over to the next beat), and then changing the note’s duration to a minim (causing Dorico to combine the triplet crotchet with the regular crotchet that follows). But how do I do this to make the same duration start on the third triplet-quaver of the beat, short of doing all of the above and then cutting-and-pasting that duration onto the last triplet-quaver? Surely there’s a more direct way to do this?

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P.S. If it’s helpful to clarify, the passage I’m inputting right now involves the following series of durations: over six crotchet beats, three notes, of which the first totals eight triplet-quavers, and the latter two each total five triplet-quavers.

It’s possible to use an 18:12 quaver tuplet with forced durations to achieve minimum ties (not quite what you’re asking), but I don’t think it’s possible to achieve what you’re asking, partly because it requires non-standard tuplet notation to show a part-tuplet. The best way to get exactly what you want is to put it in as normal notes, and fake the triplet designations.

Unless, someone know more…?

Hi Brian! I’m not sure if I totally get what you’re looking for, but lots of times I input triplets and half notes/quarter notes etc. without ties, and then tie them together.

Also, if your rhythmic grid at the bottom lower-left corner is set to 8th notes, then you can use alt-shift-arrow to increase/decrease the duration of your note by the rhythmic grid value. This works in tuplets as well (but not across multiple beats, as far as I can tell).

I understood it as:

(minim+3let crotchet) (crotchet+3let cotchet) (crotchet+3let crotchet) over six beats.

If this is what is intended it needs notation for the lone triplet crotchets, which Dorico doesn’t support. I discussed this kind of thing with James Ingram a long while ago while beta testing Igor.

Hi, Steve(s)! Thanks for the suggestions. Also, just now I’ve finally found the following post by Daniel:

Re: Manual vs automatic ties?
Post by Daniel at Steinberg » Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:54 pm

Another way to make a note that’s five quarter beats long without inputting a tie would be to input a whole note, then set the grid to quarter note resolution, and with the whole note selected, type Shift+Alt+right arrow, which will lengthen the selected note by the amount specified in the grid.

This solves today’s problem of “how to create a note that’s 13 triplet-crotchets long” (i.e., whole-note tied to a triplet-crotchet).