During VariAudio, clicking on other event shows its beginning not cursor position, please fix it

Hi there,
I use variaudio on multiple tracks, it seems it is broken since Cubase 11:

To reproduce C12 bug:

  1. Enable variaudio on 2 different audio tracks, one above another, like editing multiple voices on different audio tracks.
  2. Edit or Move cursor or play to desired position on one of the event in “sample editor” window
  3. Click on different audio event - “sample editor” window will show beginning of event, not current cursor position. CREATORS PLEASE FIX IT! It was fine in C11 !!!

Hi, can you check if you have “clip-based zoom” enabled in sample editor? If not, can you activate it? The sampleeditor zooming behaviour shall then be the same as in C11.
We’ll investigate the zooming behaviour in the new “global zoom” mode.

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Hi, “clip-based-zomm” solved the problem. Thanks!