DVD-A and montages

I have used WL6 extensively for DVD-A creation.

I have some questions on DVD-A creation with WL7:

(1) there doesn’t appear to be a “track wizard” (as in WL6) which can quickly define DVD-A “tracks” (songs) so it looks like you need to MANUALLY add the CD/DVD track markers

(2) where does one see the actually track names? (in WL6 there was a “track (song) list” view where the track names could be edited etc.)

(3) when I create an iso image (instead of burning to DVD-A disc) the iso file generated is very large, for even a very small montage (e.g. 3 Mb montage … 900 Mb iso image). This is different from WL6 where the iso images, for small amount of content, was correspondingly small.

It looks like you CAN use the “CD track wizard” for DVD-A multi-channel montages (selected CD under the Workspace … ). The 5.1 tracks (songs) have markers created in what looks like correct locations. Also this CD view allows you to rename the track names.

Here is a view of the environment for a 5.1 surround channel config, with 3 “tracks” (songs) added, after running the CD track wizard: http://www.jensign.com/wavelab/WL7_dvda_mont.jpg

From memory, this is because older drives (and/or players?) cannot play/read the disc unless it is at least 1Gb image size so the resulting fileset gets padded to 1Gb to ensure correct operation.
I’ll dig into the “bumper boys book of secret DVD-A words” and look for details on this.
There may well be an option to disable padding - PG would know better than me on that though.