I have created quite a few DVD-A (with menus and picture tracks; no text stuff) using WL6 and they play back properly with my OPPO BDP-83 player. I recently purchased an audio-phile BDP-95 player and there are some major problems with playing back some types of WL6-authored DVD-A. While I typically use Menus and a simple picture track, I have determined that some of the problems with the 95 decoding are not related to this. I did this by authoring with all settings turned off (no menus, no images) and there is still a problem. I’m hoping to have some others verify that the problem is with this player and not with WL6 encoding by asking folks to burn a (small) iso image file of a disc I authored:

Single Group with 7 tracks: 5.1 24bit/48kHz tracks

Here is the zipped iso image file: http://www.jensign.com/testaudio/multi24_48.zip (~ 7.8 Mbyte).
Here is what the montage looks like before rendering: http://www.jensign.com/testaudio/multiwave.jpg
When I play with the BDP-95 tracks 3 and 7 don’t play properly (the timer advances to 2 sec and stops … no sound).
Burning directly from WL6 or creating an iso image file first and burning from a different burner produce identical (problematic) results.

Thanks for any help/advice.
(If anyone here owns a BDP-95 I’d be really interesting in hearing your results)

I think I can see why the players are stopping - you have more than one marker per track here.
Can you see the additional 2 second “track” you have at the beginning of each track after track 1?
Whilst this is not out of spec for the format, what has happened requires rules to be followed - the hard part now is to work out what is breaking the rules. WaveLab or the BDP-95.

What has happened in tracks 2 onwards is that you have created Audio Cells somehow. This is not out of spec, and is used for Linked Lyrics etc. However, you cannot mix track types in a single group, as the player would quite possibly get lost if you switch from timed mode (Linked Lyrics) to browseable mode (the normal way) as it would no longer “know” where it is in the disc. The usual solution was to simply add a second group with the linked lyric mode, and let the viewer pick from the PGC Menu Structure what way they wanted to play the disc.

I don’t think this is a wavelab bug though, as your image looks good. Even in linked lyric (Audio Cell) mode you can do what is happening here & have a single still (ASV) for an entire track, and 2 ASV’s per track after this.
Am formatting an RW disc, so will test your image in our Denons (2910/3910) and BDP-83SE machines.
If anyone has a Cambridge Audio player - the new Universal ones - these are also Oppo electronics with CA audio boards.

thanks Neil. OPPO have tested that image burnt to disc and it works for the other DVD-A players they’ve tested. The 2 sec intervals are the default ones created with WL6 using the track wizard with the default settings.

That 2 second pause is still not really correct though.
It should not be there…


That 2 second pause is still not really correct though.
It should not be there…

Can you explain or have a source ?

regards S-EH

When creating a montage for DVD-A in WL6, here is the default track-marker wizard that I have always used:
The 2 sec. is the default gap between audio tracks that is used in the wizard before rendering (to AUDIO_TS).
Perhaps Phillipe can comment on some of this.