DVD audio player

Hello again. I finally figured out how to create a DVD audio disk. Now I need the ability to play it. Is there a program that will play the disk? My blue ray will not recognise the disk, Media Player won’t play it. Any help is appreciated.

On Windows, Foobar2000 with dvda decoder.


On Mac, I think JRiver or XLD if any, would be the most likely to have capability. Maybe VLC.

Or you can get a used standalone 15 year old DVD player on Ebay or Amazon with DVD-A and SACD playback capability. but no easy rip afaik.

Or possibly Oppo still makes standalone players.

Odd that Steinberg would tout an out of date format that is dead in the water and hobbled by the industry. If you want to hear high resolution you have to own a recording studio. I guess I will explore super high resolution mp3 tracks and see how they compare.

There was Blu-Ray audio and Universal did some, but I don’t think it got anywhere. DVD-A and Blu Ray audio were both just high sample rate 24 bit pcm audio anyway so you can still hear, buy, stream high resolution files, the same thing. Are you interested in Stereo, or surround as well?

I guess for now stereo. Has anyone compared wav files to super hi-rez mp3?

mp3 - a format as old and out of date as DVD-A…


lifeguardloyd, I think pwhodges is right. But I also think mp3 is still common and useful to be able to make it, just like dvd-a if you really need a physical format. I’ve asked for blu-ray audio support in the past, but don’t really expect to get it, and it would really only be useful if you really need a physical format, which no one needs anymore. (besides which, dvd-a quality is the same as blu-ray audio quality, although you can fit more on the blu-ray, without meridian lossless packing.)

But where have you seen mention of super hi-res mp3? Never heard of it.

I have often saved music as an mp3. 48000 Hz, 32bit, Constant 320 Kbps. They sound very good and take up a large space. I wonder if you cut down a wav file that is 96000hz, 24 bit, to this high rez mp3 format, how it would compare.

A lossy format like MP3 at 320kbps does not compare to 24/96 in quality terms. MP3 at 320 sounds reasonably OK but lossy means just that - you lose data. I’d suggest a careful listen to the files to hear the difference. What would be your intended use for the MP3 file?

Curiosity. How would the 48000 Hz, 32bit, 320kbps file compare to a wav 44.1, 16 bit?

It’s still lossy. Maybe 95% of people can’t tell the difference, but it’s still lossy. You can make 96 kHz AAC, but it’s still lossy.

As Stingray asked, what’s your intended purpose for the file?

You can try FLAC. It’s much bigger than the lossy files, but it’s smaller than wav, and it’s lossless. (doesn’t support floating point though).

It depends, I would say. In a car on the highway, listening to high energy EDM, it’s unlikely anyone will hear the difference between the two. In a studio though, listening to the Faure Requiem IMO the 44.1/16 bit recording will win. And 32bit in an mp3 means nothing - consider this: CD Audio @44.1 and 16bit comes to a 1411 kbps bitrate. That’s more than a factor 4 better compared to 320 kbps.

Great info everyone. Thank you all!

I will try FLAC. THX