DVD player won't play with Cubase on!!!

I have a tutorial DVD that is taking me through the learning process step by step. When I had Elements 6 on, it would work but now that I have upgraded to Artist 6, the dvd player won’t run! :angry:

Anyone out there have a fix to this maddening problem? :question:

I bit the bullet and bought a small portable dvd player. It’s probably better this way, anyway, so that I can keep the screen open all the way without having to compromise.

You may need to go into devices/vst audio system and check the box to release driver when application is in background.

Thanks…I was about to open this dvd box but maybe I will hold off if this rectifies the dilemma. :slight_smile:

Thank you but that didn’t seem to do it. I could open Cubase and run the dvd, but, as soon as I try to do anything on Cubase, the dvd goes into slow motion and the sound shuts down.

Yep, that is the disadvantage of using software that hijacks your audio driver.
The good news is that your recording cannot be interupted by some rogue software demanding audio control.

It’s one or the other :wink: