DX100 presets for FM Classics + Full FM Editing and .SYX-File Import?

Hi All!

With the introduction of the FM Classics IAP I was happy to see the factory presets from my all time favorite TX81Z (I’ve had mine since early 90s) being included!

As there is currently no way to import SYSEX(.SYX) files from other 4OP FM synths it would be a nice addition for starters to include all the factory presets from the DX100! (That box too includes a load of ‘classic’ presets and those who have had the opportunity to use both know that for example Lately Bass and Solid Bass are NOT the ‘same’ and the DX100’s classic ‘Mono Bass’ happens to be one of my all time favorite synth-bass sounds).

A ‘Full FM’ editor in the style of Yamahas FM Essentials.app would be a very nice addition to Cubasis as the app itself needs an MX keyboard to fully unlock and those are rare to find and there’s no way to ‘unlock’ the app via an IAP.

Looking forward to seeing how things progress during 2024.

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