Sorry for the lazy question, but can wavelab handle dxd files or at least convert to a 352.8 wav?


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I don’t think WL will convert but as such but you can open a ‘new’ blank montage, select ‘custom’ and from the pull down 352.8. Drag the PCM file into that. Weiss SaraCon should do the DXD/PCM conversion fine (I think you have that)?

Disclosure: I have not actually worked on DXD

Hi WYCA and Rat. Conversion shouldn’t be necessary. DXD is just plain 352.8 kHz PCM and ‘should’ open right up in Wavelab. The name DXD is just a name Merging came up with for 352.8 k PCM to associate it with DSD.

Free DXD (and comparison format files) can be gotten at


The info page even says the conversions from DXD to many other formats were done with Wavelab. Seems to me Wavelab has had “DXD” (352.8k pcm) editing and processing capability for many years.

If Steinberg would look into adding open source DSD to 352.8 k PCM conversion on the input side and 352.8 k PCM to DSD conversion on the output side to the already existing 352.8 PCM editing/processing capability of Wavelab, seems to me they would have a “DSD/DXD capable” program like Soundforge and Soundit Pro have done. The PCM framework is already there.

But add 768 khz pcm to match the feature set of the other programs for working with newer even higher rate DSD 256 etc…

A very tardy thank you to the replies.