Dyanmics disappears when changing instruments

In the passage below the dynamics are linked together. The only way I’ve found to get the mf back on Cl. 2 is to put a system break at the double barline. Same in both parts and score.

Expected behavior or anything I’m doing wrong?


Clarinet 2 part:


Nudging the mf back a pinch makes it work. As I remember it, a similar problem with dynamics breaking a following multi rest was solved a while ago.

This is caused by the instrument change. Dorico only pays attention to notes when it determines the position of the instrument change, so the dynamic, which is actually on the first beat of the following bar, gets lost because Dorico has already switched to the bass clarinet at the barline. This is something we need to take care of at some point (though it’s tricky).

Oki, sounds like the same problem as earlier with dynamics breaking multirests.

Thanks! :slight_smile: