Dynamic alignment condensing - bug ? + other condensing requests

One issue I encountered lately is when I have to align manualy some dynamics in a condensed score, when 2 instruments are condensed on the same stave, the alingnment command doesn’t do anything (even tough in the properties pannel it shows that differite values has been changed).
Only after i move manualy (with alt+arrow up/down) the dynamic moves in the right place, but not always.

Is it possible for the next major update the team should look over this, because is a bit annoying not to be able to align dynamics faster and with no issues?

Also i stress out the importance to be able to manually move horizontaly some notes in condensing score. Many times, only the voice column index it’s not enough for a perfect complicated score, and is quite frustrating not being able to move condensed notes when you need to.

have the same issue…

I think the problem here is that the score is not being redrawn as needed after using Align Dynamics on a condensed staff - if you save, close and reopen the project immediately after doing Align Dynamics you will see that the score does look as you expect. We’ll take a look, thanks.