Dynamic Bug input D4.1

I have encountered a bug that is confusing me. And a look through the forum, does not produce an answer pertaining to this situation.

The problem:
I try to place a “cresc…FF” over a 4 bar span of music. I select the 4 bars, type SHIFT+D, type “cresc FF” hit enter, and Dorico is only placing the dynamic under the 1 bar repeat in the middle of the 4 bars. I think I can work around the issue by dragging the dynamics to the appropriate position, but I thought I would advise the team of this issue.

Here is a link to the video showing the issue, the video will only be available for a few months, before I go through and delete it.


This works fine here. Please upload a project that demonstrates the problem.

Here you go! I trimmed it down. Problem still exists.


Who Needs Chops Anyway issue file.dorico (1.5 MB)

Intriguingly I get a different result (but still wrong). It’s workaroundable in a number of ways, the quickest of which is probably to Cmd/Ctrl-click the repeat region to deselect it before typing Shift-D etc.

I did it differently, I just alt shifted the cresc to the position it needed, then alt shifted the length to the correct location. However, the dynamic input did not work for me as intended. Hence why I was bringing it to the team’s attention.

Thanks for looking into Leo. I was thinking I was losing my mind for a minute there.


Rather than use shift-click to make the selection, use cmd/ctrl-click on the start and end notes. Then shift-D works as expected. (This is actually how I normally enter dynamics over a number of bars!)

Yes, that method prevents the issue.

Thank you Janus. I will keep this in mind for future events, if this happens again.


I can reproduce the problem. It’s specific to working on a percussion kit, and it’ll be due to the way Dorico is working out the extent of the selection. The notes come from one place (the component instruments in the kit) and the repeat bar comes from another (the kit itself) and consequently it’s getting confused. I’ll make a note of this and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.

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