Dynamic creates extra measure [bug]

Dear Dorico Team,

When I create a combined dynamic i.e. f<ff on a note that occupies the whole measure (such as a whole note, or a tied note that ends with a whole note) an extra measure is created. This extra measure creates problems because it will cause a break in multi-measure rests. And it can’t just be deleted. (Shift-B, -1 does not work). (Undo deletes the bar and the intended dynamic). And there is no indication of hidden objects that can be deleted to fix the issue. In some cases (not all), the ending dynamic (in this case ff) is pushed into the next measure! The only solution I have found is cumbersome:

  1. Copy all music after this point in the music to a new flow.
  2. Delete all music in the original flow that was copied to the new flow.
  3. Trim flow of the effected (original) flow.
  4. Sometimes a marquee selection is needed to select the remaining “empty measure”, then try trim flow again.
  5. Go back to original note that I want to add the dynamic and select it.
  6. Use Shift-alt-left arrow to shorten the note.
  7. Using Shift-D enter in the popover f<ff (This correctly adds the dynamic without creating an extra bar).
  8. Select the note.
  9. Use Shift-alt-right arrow to lengthen the note to the correct length.
  10. Insert a new measure at the end of the original flow.
  11. Copy all music from the added flow back into the original flow.
  12. Delete the extra flow.
  13. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for each note I’d like to add the same dynamic to.


The issue here is that the new dynamic you’re creating is actually at the rhythmic position that corresponds with the start of the next bar, which means that the bar is not empty and thus cannot be removed by way of Trim Flow. The way I would probably approach this is to hit Return to show the caret, make sure that the rhythmic grid is set to something smaller than a quarter note, e.g. an 8th or even 16th, then position the caret at the final 8th or 16th of the bar, and add the final dynamic there. That way, there will really be no items in the following bar, so it should not be created – or, if you find that it is, you can remove it as expected with Trim Flow.