Dynamic Curve changes not updating in Dynamics lane

I’m sure that in the past when I changed the Dynamic Curve setting, it was reflected in the dynamics lane where I could see the relative heights/positions of the dynamics. This does not seem to be the case anymore. The changes in the Dynamic Curve setting do seem to get through to the VST correctly, but the visual feedback from the dynamics lane is missing, which is not very helpful. I don’t think this has been reported before, and if someone else could confirm this finding, that would be useful. I’m guessing this is not intended behavior.

I don’t think it will ever have changed the dynamics lane, because the dynamics are still the same - my understanding is that the dynamic curve affects how the values that you see in the dynamics lane are converted into velocities or CC values. The velocity lane/CC lanes should update though.

Hmmm, I must have been imagining it. Apologies…I even went back to my old computer to check with v.3.1 and you are correct (of course!), the dynamics lane never changed. I was convinced it used to adapt to the curve setting, but obviously not. The CC being driven by the velocity curve most certainly does though. Thank you.