Dynamic Curve

Does Noteperformer follow the Dynamic Curve playback preference? Changing numbers in the box doesn’t seem to have an effect.

I’m curious about this as well. The changes I make don’t seem to add up to much of a difference.

It definitely has an effect if you look at playback with a VST that shows you the MIDI data.

But it’s a bit subtle. It doesn’t change mf, because that is right in the middle of the curve. It doesn’t change fff or ppp much either, because they are near the ends of the curve. And by default Dorico applies a lot of random variation as humanization, accents on the first beat of the bar (which IIRC are incorrectly applied to every beat of the bar), etc.

If you reduce the level of most of the other “enhancements” in the Playback Options the effect is a bit more obvious.

NotePerformer seems a bit more realistic about dynamics than some other VST libraries, compared with real instruments. For example the dynamic range of a real oboe is near enough to zilch measured in decibels, but the timbre changes depending how hard you blow it. The original General Midi specification ignored that sort of detail, and the spec says the dynamic range of a General Midi oboe should be the same as a General Midi trombone (and everything else). Some other libraries seem to have at least partially retained that “feature” even though it’s not realistic.

I have a few oddities, Sometimes a bar will jump down to half the previous bar’s volume in one part. Wiping it and starting again even adding/deleting bars or copy paste from somewhere else doesn’t get rid of the volume change. Mostly though I just can’t much to play softly.