Dynamic editing question

After all the time working in Dorico, I still wasn’t able to master editing dynamics. I must be doing something wrong and find that the fastest way to edit a score I get from someone, is simply delete the dynamics and add them again, instead of moving them to the correct spot.

For example the one in the screenshot. I would say to get the F to the end of the bar, I select it and use Alt+right arrow key. But doing this will make the F jump to the first note in the next bar, which in this case, is 13 bars further. (grid is set to 32). I am not able to drag the F either, no matter how hard I pull!

So in this simple case, what do I need to do to get the F to the end of the bar? (Kindergarten stuff, I know…)
Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 15.04.23.png

You can move a dynamic along the grid by using alt-command-arrow. The hairpin will not grow accordingly, however, because these dynamics appear not to be grouped. In this case, I would group the mf<f and lengthen it with shift-alt-arrow until the f is where you want it. If you move the right endpoint to the start of the next bar, the f will end up right before the barline.

Sometimes for situations like this, I’m like you - it’s easiest to delete the dynamics and retype them in the popover, mf<f. Then it looks right!

Alt+Command+Arrow! Ah. I never used this combination for moving things around, only the alt+… This indeed works.

Yes, that’s pretty much became my workflow.