Does Cubase have one or anyone have a good suggestion for vst3 dynamic eq? ty guys

I see voxengen of course, but I do not get how to duck a frequency by triggering a different sound source.

bx_dynEQ is on sale!


deff not bad… I am hoping for more of a graph type plug… something along the lines of waves mb compressor, but for an eq…

trying to achieve whats in the video.

melda autodynamic eq is the only one so far.

Another great Dyn EQ is HOFA´s “IQ-EQ”.
IQ-EQ is very transparent and most importantly, extremely flexible.
more infos:

excellent, thank you both

Meldaproductions: MAutoDynamicEQ .

Anybody use the F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ from Waves? $29 on sale?!

Have it, used it for a while. Bought it at 29 $ for it’s sidechain capability per band. Nice plugin for the money (like most Waves plugins they’re more often ‘on sale’ than regular priced).

Since Pro Q3 is out (Pro Q2 was my favourite non-coloring EQ for years) I haven’t loaded it up a single time, even though it allows for more tweaking than Pro Q3 (no attack/release settings).