Dynamic hairpin is longer than other instruments

Hi, when adjusting the hairpins on the Cello the hairpin length is longer than in the Viola and Violins.
What is causing this?
Any help is very appreciated.

This is because the bottom staff in this system/bracketed group doesn’t extend through the end of the hairpin, and therefore the end of the cello’s hairpin isn’t restricted by the setting in Engraving Options for the minimum length that hairpins must extend past barlines in order to go through them (because if they only poke through a tiny amount, it looks weird).

There’s an option to change this for individual hairpins, but also note the directions at the bottom of the page for where to go to change the default setting for all hairpins.

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Thanks for your answer, Lillie.
I still don’t understand why this happened, did I changed something?
I tried the global option in Engraving options and some hairpins still cross the bar lines.
Thanks again!

It’s what Dorico does by default, so you haven’t necessarily changed anything. If you don’t want hairpins to cross barlines by default, changing the engraving option as described by Lillie is the way to go.

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