Dynamic height of text frames

Dorico could be an excellent tool for creating exercise sheets or editions with mixed text and music typesetting. But the fixed height of the text frames forces the user to use workarounds and overrides even in simple layout situations.
I would like to see text frames for flow headings, for example, that grow with an introductory text. This would finally allow simpler layouts to be completed without overrides.
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While that would be awesome, not even top-level DTP apps like InDesign are able to do this dynamically.

But in InDesign it is also not necessary because an entire “story” flows in linked text frames. Additional graphics (e.g. music graphics) can be anchored and flow withhin the text dynamically.
Nevertheless, I don’t see why there couldn’t be a height in Dorico’s text frames that takes the amount of text into account.
If you want to use Dorico for layout tasks as advertised, it is astonishing that you have to make do with workarounds even for standard tasks.

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Yes, I am waiting for that feature for years!

From a technical perspective though, it would not only the text frames that have to be dynamic. If text gets larger, the following music frame would have to be pushed further down the page, and if that would be the bottom most frame, it would have to shrink. For small amounts the staffs and/or systems would then have to be adjusted by reducing the spacing between them, and if that could not be done without exceeding the minimal distances one or more systems would have to flow into the next page. If that page starts with a text frame an additional music frame would have to be created on top of that, and of course everything on that page would have to be pushed down that page and the whole process could carry on up to the end of the flow.

Such a concept is not too complicated to realize if you do it from scratch, but I would assume it goes contrary to the actual concept of Doricos fixed frames. For that reason I do not think we will see that feature anytime soon.

For systems with few enough staves, this should not be a problem as Headers exist within the music frame.

Clearly, though, in some cases manual adjustment would be required to keep music in the same frame if that is essential.