Dynamic input question


I wanted to know if I’m missing something…why is the input of the following passage so difficult/tedious in Dorico?

It’s a little unorthodox but nothing crazy.

  1. I input the quarters using Force Duration
  2. I add the p-f
  3. I add the hairpins (some of which don’t seem to show correctly in Write Mode)
  4. Finally, I add the ties

I tried entering a string of things into the dynamic popover (pp<f…etc.) but it seemed to be so time-consuming and awkward!
Hoping an expert here can help me figure out a faster way. I made this example in Sibelius, which has its own weird quirks! :slight_smile:

Force Duration is the best way to enter the tied quarters. When you’ve entered the pairs of tied quarters, select the first quarter (which will select both quarters, since they’re “one note”), bring up the dynamics popover, and enter “p” for each one. Should work fine without tweaking!

Here’s what I got:

There are settings for preventing the hairpins from extending into the next downbeat, if you want to change that. But I think this looks fine.
easy as pie.png

OK, great!
Thanks for your help!

I was starting to get it, but I’m realizing that trying to see things properly in Galley View presets issues (thus the hairpins not showing up!)

Not sure I understand. The spacing in Galley view is a little funky sometimes, but everything should display…

Sure…to elaborate, the exact same passage has hairpins on beat 4 in Page View, but not Galley…
galley view.JPG
page view.JPG

Ah, you’re right. The spacing for that last quarter note is below the minimum distance to show the hairpin. It’s a rare case.