Dynamic issue on a Percussion kit, beat alignment

Sorry if this has been asked, but I did a quick search and could not find the answer.

I have a percussion kit, with a bar repeat region. I have a dynamic that last 3 bars of 4/4 time ( p < f > | p < | f). I cannot seem to get the dynamics to line to the beats as they are supposed to. Things keep moving around on me. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Here is what I do:
Enter note input mode > Move the cursor to beat 1 of the measure > SHIFT+D > “p” > “return” > “SHIFT+,” (for the <) > press space bar twice (beat 3) > “SHIFT+D” > “f” > “return” > “SHIFT+.” (for the >) > press space bar twice (beat one of next measure) > “SHIFT+D” > “p” > “return”

At that point, Dorico places the p at the end of the previous measure, not on beat 1 like I was trying add.

“SHIFT+,” (for the <) > press space bar 4 times (to beat one of 3rd measure), “SHIFT+D” > “f” > “return”

The first measure show pp, second measure shows <, and third measure shows f. Almost correct. I need the second p to move to the next bar. Any attempt to move the p to the start of the next bar forces the <f to move as well.

Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 7.11.27 AM


I think the problem is that Dorico doesn’t know about bar repeats, so it’s acting as if those bars are empty and contain only whole rests; consequently, a dynamic that coincides with the start of an empty bar is instead shown before the barline, as it would be if a bar rest were shown there.

Unfortunately you can’t really put in some dummy notes into those bars as they will not be hidden by the bar repeats, so you’re left with a bit of fiddling around. Sorry about that!

One way to get the piano dynamic to the start of the following bar would be to set a small grid resolution and nudge it with Alt+right, which will show it in the next bar because it will no longer coincide precisely with the start of the bar.

Thanks for the answer Daniel. I am sorry to hear this, I will play around with the work around.

On a side note, the project has this occur NUMEROUS times. about 4 hours after I posted this, I was able to put a whole note in the measure and change the size to 1%. This seemed to work, for now. However, one of the flows is in 3/4, and while I could do the same with the dotted half note, I do believe it leaves behind a very small rhythm dot. Luckily it is small enough that IF anyone saw it, they would blame it on something at the print shop, as it would look like a spec of dust.

Perhaps when time exists (I know the team is swamped), this can be looked at.