Dynamic Lane and Independent Voice Playback

Edit points don’t seem to be editable (or even selectable) in the Dynamics Lane when Independent Voice Playback is enabled. I have made a video comparing IVP-enabled Instrument vs not.

It’s possible this is related to a post from two years ago. Perhaps it never got fixed?

There’s a complication here, which is that by default dynamics apply to the whole staff, rather than to a specific voice, and it’s difficult to tell that this is the case because Dorico displays voice-specific and staff-specific dynamics in the same way, both in the music and in the Key Editor. You can’t edit staff-specific dynamics in the dynamics editor when independent voice playback is set, but you can edit voice-specific dynamics.


Thanks, Daniel. I re-input the dynamics to be voice-specific. That solved the problem.

I tend to switch voices a lot in order to change endpoint VST’s so it seems that I should, to be safe, input voice-specific dynamics all the time.

Is there any way to set dynamics to be voice-attached by default?

As it is I’ll just have to remember to hold down Option when I enter dynamics in the popover.

i was reminded of this the hard way when I changed one instrument to independent voice playback as I briefly needed a solo and then realised that the dynamics I had set were no longer editable, meaning that I had to delete and re-enter those where fine tuning of the dynamic level was required. Was just thinking out loud whether it is actually necessary to disable editing of previously set staff level dynamics or whether it wouldn’t be possible to allow them to remain editable. Is there a particular reason why the editing has been designed this way?

I think it’s really just a bit of a rough edge rather than something that we deliberately want to work this way. In the New Year I’ll talk to Andrew and Paul about it. In an ideal world the program would be much clearer about what’s going on in these kinds of situations.

@Andermusik, you can’t make Dorico add dynamics to a specific voice by default, I’m afraid.

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thanks, Daniel --I’ll be interested in hearing the results of your deliberations