(?) Dynamic Mapping not chasing

I have already posted, but I’ll describe simple steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create an Instrument Track with Halion Sonic SE;
  2. Record or insert some material for some bars, at least 4;
  3. In the ´Articulations/Dynamics´ lane, insert three different dynamics in the beginning of bars 1, 2 and 3;
  4. In the ´Dynamics Mapping´ configuration, mark ´Send Volume´ option and select CC 7 (Main Volume), which patches ´level´ in Halion Sonic respond by default;
  5. Now insert three different Dynamics at the beginning of bars 1, 2 and 3;
  6. Play the track from the beginning to at least bar 3, you hear the dynamic change correctly;
  7. Place the cursor somewhere between bars 1 and 2
  8. Halion Sonic does not respond to the first Dynamic, which should be the correct in case chasing was working;
  9. Try in other points of the song or with any other synths.

In step 4), you can replace ´Send Volume´ with ´Send Controller´, the problem will keep.

Can anyone confirm? (vic_france did confirm this behavior before)


You might want to append the title of the thread with [Issue] to get the proper attention.

The question mark is a suggestion from Steinberg in their bugbase topic.

And, since I didn’t get your proper attention, can you reproduce my steps and confirm the behavior? :smiley:

This thread is a bit old but I just wondered if anyone else has this problem.

I have set Dynamic Mapping to send CC1 values. On opening a new project, before I enter any Dyn.Mapping starting and stopping a project does not transmit any CC1 values. But if I add a Dyn.Mapping value, say mezzoforte, which sends a CC1 value of 64, as soon as I stop Cubase it transmits a CC1 value of zero.

This is not desirable and I cannot find anyway to stop it. ‘Reset on Stop’ in MIDI Prefs is unchecked and I have tried unchecking the Chase Events options on the same page also.