Dynamic Mapping Symbols show then hide in Score [Solved]


I have a polyphony staff where I add to the bass clef ( voices 5 and 6), a crescendo from mp to f. The dynamic symbols (pppp, pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, fff and ffff.) show up in Key editor.

Issue 1:
in score editor, they hide and I need to click on them to see them and then as soon as I click somewhere else, they hide again! But If I activate the Colorize layer they show up! See the gif please.

Issue 2:
I remember, their color was like magenta or purple color. I am adding them to the note layer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_score/v10.5/en/cubase_nuendo_score/topics/score_editor_window/score_editor_window_filters_c.html ?


I tried all filters. Still doesn’t show the dynamics without the Colorized layer! Anything else to try?

Check its color in Pref>Scores>Colors for additional meaning. Is it white?

Yes. It was white! Thank you very much, Steve.