Dynamic marking issue with instrument change

I would like a report a small issue: the dynamic marking is not showing correctly in score (perhaps because of a instrument change).

I have attached a stripped down Dorico -file that demonstrates the issue. You can see that in galley view and in the parts it is showing the intensity marking properly, but not in the score. Hope that this hasn’t been already reported!

And big thanks for the team, using the 3.1.1 version is an absolute pleasure for me! The condensing feature alone has saved me probably weeks worth of time at this point!

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Here is the Dorico file!
Instrument change problem.dorico.zip (702 KB)

I’m pretty sure that this has already been reported, and is already on the development team’s todo list, and the workaround is to nudge the intensity marking left a couple of grid points in Write mode (so it’s attached before the barline rather than after it), then nudge it right again in Engrave mode.

Yes, Leo’s right that this is a known issue. The problem is that Dorico uses primarily notes to determine where the instrument change will occur, so in this case the instrument change is occurring at the barline, while the immediate dynamic is actually one beat later on the first beat of the following bar, and as such it doesn’t get included. We do plan to improve this in a future version, but for now moving the dynamic back by a small rhythmic duration should hopefully provide a relatively simple workaround.

I’ve encountered this today in a big orchestral score. There’s lots of occurences of this throughout the score, and whereas it’s possible to use the aforementioned workaround, I have to do it both for the players that change instruments and for all the players that have the same marking, in order to be aligned. Before I start this process, I’d like to know if this is something that’s been tackled in Dorico 4, so I know if it’s worth the wait before commiting to change all these markings.

No, there’s no change in this regard in Dorico 4.

Thanks Daniel!