Dynamic naming schemes for folder destinations

As of 10.0.3 we have this new feature:
"The new “Folder Separator” naming scheme attribute in the “Naming Scheme” dialog allows you to create a folder structure according to the specified naming scheme."

Potentially this is pretty awesome for me as it means rendered files can automatically go into project-specific folders, even if those folders don’t currently exist, with names being generated on the fly and using existing metadata/variables. Nice.

Trouble is, I cannot make use of it because I don’t render my audio montages, I just need to rename them and convert them so I use the batch processor. If the render function of the montage window had the same renaming capability as the batch renamer then I’d be all over this and it would save me quite a lot of time.

Conversely, if the batch processor function had the ability to dynamically generate destination folders using metadata/variables, then I could stick with that and my life would be complete :wink:

So, question to the developer; are there plans to bring this dynamic folder-making ability to the batch processor?
Pretty please!!?

Keep up the good work. To me, Wavelab is like a beautiful alien that I’m learning to communicate with - coming from Logic/Cubase/Pro Tools/DP etc it just has a unique way of approaching… everything! The more I use it however the more it makes sense and seems like piece of solid genius.

The batch processor can already use naming schemes, did you try that?

OH! Feeling a little foolish for not looking into that already. It is possible you had already solved my problem before I asked the question - I’ll have a mess around with it later on and see if I can do what I’m hoping to. In the mean time though, BIG thank you PG!

I can indeed do exactly what I wanted to. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction :smiley: