Dynamic oddity

Any idea what’s going on here? It’s a horn. Shouldn’t the hairpin and pp extend to the end of the whole note?


I can’t share the score here, but I can email it if requested.

I’m starting by posting here because it’s entirely possible I’m wrong about something…

Yes, it should. Puzzling that it does not.
Odd, when I just tried this on a file of my own, I got the expected result.

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What’s your setting in Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Editing > End gradual dynamics at start of last note in multiple selections ?

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Good thought on that. It’s turned on (checked box). This sort of thing typically works fine for me, which is why I was a bit flummoxed.

Oh, hold on… it’s because it’s a tie, isn’t it?? And I need to UN-check that box. EDIT: Yep. Thank you!

Is this a new option?

New since Dorico 4 I think…