Dynamic of msfz

Hello everybody,

I’m currently working on a piece where I need the dynamic of msfz several times. Unfortunately the usual workaround of combined dynamics (attaching two dynamics to close positions on the grid) doesn’t work with this one. I can fake it with an additional music symbol text object and align in Engrave Mode but this becomes incredibly fiddly and of course creates issues with condensing. Does anyone have an idea for a more elegant solution for this problem?



Just go to the symbol editor and create it for example in the ffff

Maybe use the text tool then type msfz by setting the font to ‘Opus Text’ or ‘Helsinki Text’.

Thanks for the ideas. Both not ideal workarounds but better than nothing!

So, “only forcing it a little bit”…? :thinking:

This is relatively common in film scoring. Referring to milder attack than pure sfz.

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I seem to remember seeing mfz in Mozart, as well.