Dynamic parts (world parts)

In Sibelius I could simply create 1 part (player) like the tuba in the full score and create a dynamic version of it like Bass in B flat. In the full score only the tuba is shown. How can I do it in Dorico? The conductor like to have all the low brass in C on his score and the musicians play in Bb.

Welcome to the forum @Calypoter !

Are you talking about transposing parts? By which I mean, you can show an instrument at concert pitch in a concert pitch score layout, but show the same music at transposed pitch in the instrument’s part layout.

Dorico does this using layouts, which you set to be either concert pitch or transposed pitch.

You can then create multiple layouts that show the music of the same player, but with different transpositions.

Thank you, now it’s how I wanted it.

Another question related to this. Is it possible to have multiple transpositions of 1 player, like bass in B flat, Bass in E flat and bass in C? Or do I have to create all those players and copy the notes?

Do you want those multiple transpositions to all appear in the full score, or do you only want the parts?

If the former, then you will indeed need to add additional players holding the instruments with the desired transpositions, and copy and paste the music between them.

If the latter, then you can create as many duplicate layouts as you like from an existing one, and use clef and transposition overrides in each one to create parts in different transpositions, as Lillie explained in her reply.

Thank you for the answer, it was only in the parts.