dynamic placement after hairpin

Hello Dorico team,

I watched the video “Meet the Dorico Team Behind the Scenes”, quite nice, it was nice to see on several desks the book by Elaine Gold on notation and this encouraged me to push further a feature request, which to me it seems a correction of Dorico’s behaviour.
I have posted a similar thought here, but at that time it was an newbie enquire, now it is more a “feature request” (because now I am a proud owner) and since you do not have a specific forum, I (re)post it here.
Dorico vertical centres dynamic markings on the notehead (p, mf, f, ect) but not when they follow hairpins and are inserted via popover, as in <f to get “crescendo to forte”. In this case the f is centred either on the next unselected note, or just before a rest, or if I end a piece with a crescendo and the last note played fortissimo,Dorico adds a bar and the fff is offset and not under the last note.
I think even Mr. Spock would acknowledge that this is an illogical behaviour.

This seems to me to be a rehash of your previous thread, no?

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Yes, sorry, but in my previous post I was just asking for a clarification, here instead I wanted to inform the team of the “adding a measure” behaviour when adding dynamics at the end of a piece. I know that you all read carefully all the posts, I’ll be more careful in the future.

This has been discussed at length previously. It’s absolutely consistent with itself, though it’s different to the way that some other notation programs work.

Let’s take your example of a crescendo with the last note played fff. If you’re inputting the dynamic by selecting some notes and invoking the popover, your selection needs to exclude the last note, because the hairpin will always go from the beginning of the first selected note to the end of the last selected note.

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Rephrased like this it does make sense! I really thought it was a bug. These hairpins really rule!

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