Dynamic Placement Question

How do you achieve the following dynamic in Dorico?
Dynamic Question.png
This is for a horn part, and I cannot seem to make it work.

When I select the whole note, hit shift+d the popover opens, if I type f>mf, it places the mf under the 8th note. If I type f>mf f, it removes the mf.

If I add the f under the 8th note first, it still places the mf under the 8th, and moves the f out of the way.

I tried clicking in properties to see if I could manually adjust something, and I was not able to see anything to help there (unless I am just blind… which might be the case).


There is a property for immediate dynamics ‘Beat-relative position’. You can set that Before for the mp to achieve the expected output.

Doing that then erases the mp…


I guess I have to input the f on the last note first, then put the dynamic on the whole note (f>mp), then move the mp.

That method seems to work.


There’s also another way of doing it, which I’ve found very easy and useful.
Select the note, then press enter.
Shift+d, then put in the dynamic f>. Press enter again.
With the arrow keys, nudge the caret forward to the desired position (perhaps to the last beat of the bar - experiment).
Shift+d again, then put in the end dynamic, mf. Press enter. Presto! :slight_smile: For the following 8th note, just select it and input the dynamic as usual.

This method is also very handy if you’re trying to insert dynamics halfway through a long sustained note - just select it, press enter, then nudge the caret with the arrow keys to wherever you’d like the dynamic to start.

Awesome! I’ll give that a try, too!


Also see my post from weeks ago, in which Daniel says he hopes they will get to this soon…