Dynamic point input with Draw tool doesn't affect velocity value

Dynamics point doesn't affect velocity value

In the dynamics lane, if I move the dynamic point of ff up and down, the velocity value changes in conjunction with it. However, if I create a dynamic point with the Draw tool and move it up and down in the same way, the velocity value at that point does not move. Why ? Shouldn’t it move in the same way?
The Expression map used in this example is ‘Default’.
Dynamics point doesn’t affect velocity value.dorico (464.3 KB)

The interaction between the dynamics lane and the show velocities isn’t straightforward, and particularly for items at the same position I think it’s quite possible that Dorico isn’t doing entirely the right thing there. In future versions of the software we will be revamping these editors, and we will revisit these issues when we do.


Basically, the select tool is used to select notes and to adjust the position, duration or dynamics. The draw and line tools create new adjustment points or lines but you need to go back to the selection tool to adjust the values which is often not obvious to the newcomer. It’ll likely all change with Dorico 4 anyway