Dynamic positioning bug?

At the beginning of this video, the dynamics are at their default positions after creation. I thought they looked funny, so I wondered if the every-bar numbering was interfering with their positioning. After toggling the bar numbers off and then on again, the dynamics end up where I’d expect to see them.

Another example I found where bar numbers appear to be effecting dynamic positioning for no apparent reason. If the tenuto markings don’t force the dynamics to move while every-bar numbers are in place, the staccatos shouldn’t either.

Oddly enough, going straight from tenuto to staccato maintains the correct positioning.

Granted, something weird seems to be going on, but it’s impossible to know what without seeing all of your settings.

Please upload a project that exhibits the problem, as requested in the guidelines.

Thanks, @pianoleo. Files below.

Oddly enough, when you open the first file, the dynamics are in the correct place. But if you delete them and create new ones, they are in the incorrect place (until toggling the bar numbers).

Dynamic positioning bug 1.dorico (662.6 KB)
Dynamic positioning bug 2.dorico (689.0 KB)