Dynamic positioning

I’m working with a file imported via XML and there are a lot of problems with the placement of elements. I imported this into Dorico in the hope that I’d be able to avoid these problems. In the example, the bottom fortissimo is within the staff. Why? Also the hairpin in the second staff is too low. Not only is it not aligned with the dynamic after it, but if I try to move it, the hairpin in the first staff moves too, and no unlinking, removing from group or ungrouping helps.

Have you selected all, filtered dynamics (from the Edit menu) and Reset Position? If not, I think that’s what I’d first.

I tried selecting that one dynamic and selecting Reset Position, but this didn’t help. Strangely, I also deleted and re-entered the dynamic and Dorico still placed it in the same position.

If even reentering the stubborn dynamics doesn’t help, I would probably start creating new players, copying all the music except for the dynamics to the new players and reentering the dynamics there.

It’s a bit late for it now, I guess, but you might try going into Dorico Preferences > MusicXML Import > Other Notations and turning off “Dynamics placement”, if it’s turned off, before importing a MusicXML file.

I suspect doing a marquee selection round all of those dynamics, unlinking and ungrouping, and then manually linking them again may help, but obviously it’s difficult to know without seeing the actual file.

It would be helpful to see the Dorico project, and the MusicXML file that you used to create it, Vaughan. Please zip it up and post it here, or if you can’t do that, you can email it to me. Please include a link to this thread and tell me where in the file the problem is, so I don’t have to try to remember why you’re emailing me! Thanks.