Dynamic problem when playing a piano

I have a dynamic problem when playing a piano in Dorico Pro 4.3.
I can set both staffs separately with shift+d alt+enter. But when a staff gets a second voice, it doesn’t meet the set value, even if I reset that value at that point.
I am sending an example to demonstrate this. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Dynamic problem.dorico (630.2 KB)

Are you in note entry mode (showing the caret) when you add them? This is necessary as well as Alt+Enter.

Sorry for the late response. Yes, I first enter the notes of the first voice, return to the beginning of the bar and after (shift+V) I enter the second voice. This does not adhere to the given dynamics (p).

I had another look at the file and looked in the key editor to see that these are indeed voice-specific dynamics.

But if you’re expecting the pp markings to apply to both voices in the LH, they won’t. Per-voice dynamics apply to each voice separately. In this file the down-stem voices in both staves actually have no dynamic assigned to them, and so are playing at nominal velocities (between mp and mf).

Also the two staves have separate voices from each other (as you can see with voice colors on). So you can have separate dynamics for all 4 of these voices, but then you must assign them all.

Yes, a dynamic must be assigned separately for all voices. However: shift+d alt+enter only serves the first voice on a staff. A second voice must be indicated in a different way: shift+d alt.
The next question is now: how do I specify the dynamics for a third voice on the same staff? Is that possible?

When you are showing the caret, in the lower-left corner it shows the active voice. Switch this with V if needed and then enter your dynamic. Alt+Enter is what makes it specific to the voice the caret is pointing to.

That’s it. Thank you!