Dynamic Range Day Competition 2012

Check it out :wink:


Nice, I hope something good will come of that. I either win a prize, or they enforce the standard, I’m fine either way :sunglasses:

I’m definitely against loudness war and always try to support any fight against it, but … what’s the point of this one? I even can’t make selections on their form, because 2 of the 3 selections didn’t have an option which I could agree with. And as we can see here: there’s competing organisations behind the quest: both Turn Me Up and Dynamic Range are both listed as “partners” of this “competition” … and there must be more of them out there. If they really are looking at the same goal, why don’t they unite?

Some years ago I registered on Dynamic Range, because they had better conditions on joining them than Turn Me Up did. But since I joined them, they have f*cked up everything. It’s not anymore an organisation, but money-making business with their “Active Membership” system.

Sorry for a rant. I’ve just lost my faith on these organisations.

Contest closed. :confused:

I think I agree, dynamic tracks tend to sound better than compressed tracks. The problem is that most of these mp3 players don’t go very loud. My uncompressed music isn’t very loud at all on my Sony Walkman, while the professional rock tracks that have the life compressed out of them are some better.

All that goes out the window when you play on a speaker system, since it’s much easier to crank up the volume. The problem is that most mp3 players will only go so loud. But let’s face it, alot of these kids and old folks who aren’t involved in the music industry really don’t notice/care the difference (thus the majority statistic on that site).