Dynamic Range Meter Plugin - ANYBODY USE?


I found a free download of TT Dynamic Range Meter, but it was 32bit and didn’t work. I found a $35 (£26) licenced download on the MAAT Digital site, but I can find nothing that says it is 64bit and so I don’t want to buy it, until I know.

Anybody Use DR-Meter on C10 Pro?

With all due respect, I know Cubase comes with some nice native stuff, but there’s a reason for buying this


You can TRY it on their site it states

Brainworx (Plugin Alliance) has their own 64-bit version of the TT Dynamic Range Meter, which I used for years, until 32-bit plugs were no longer supported. It’s here: https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_meter.html Now I use this one all the time, on every track moving it between insert plugins for gainstaging, on busses, etc.

It’s pricey at full price. If you wait for it, it will go on sale, and their sales are big price drops. Brainworx and all the Plugin Alliance stuff is great. I’ve collected lots over the last few years (always on sale) and use it all the time. Stopped buying UAD because of this stuff. If you’re interested in another approach, look at Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter: https://www.meterplugs.com/dynameter

Second endorsement for Ian Shepherd and Meterplugs - LCast is probably the closest to what you’re looking for in TT DRM, but Dynameter, and particularly for mastering the Loudness Penalty plugin are incredibly useful. You can also access Loudness Penalty (free!) at www.loudnesspenalty.com

(No commercial link with Meterplugs but a satisfied customer!)

…and another vote for Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter. And I don’t have any link with them either but am a very satisfied user.

Thanks, I did, from the MAAT site. It is available in 64 bit, so, as it was cheaper than the Brainworx BX-Meter, I bought it immediately


Indeed. Having just started Ian’s Home Mastering Course, I wanted the benefit of another easy to follow meter - you can never have enough when mastering :smiley:

I’m on one of Ian’s courses, now. I looked for the original free version, but it’s nowhere to be found. $35 is a good alternative though. Funny thing is, I searched on one machine using Firefox, and found it for $35, tried a search on Edge on another machine and found a page on the same MAAT site, saying $99. Strange, but true. I chose the link to the $35 page - naturally :smiley:


Thanks for everyone’s feedback