Dynamic range of MIDI notes Extracted from Audio

Hey all,
I have recently started to work more with real drums and sample augmentation, and my workflow is to extract MIDI notes from the hit points and map them over to Superior Drummer.

In theory, using the the “dynamic velocities” feature extracted from the various hit points, is supposed to give it a more organic and realistic feel, but the variances are just way too large, like the hardest snare hits peaking at 122, and softer hits that I would normally have around 100, actually going all the way down to 60 or less. Average consistent snare hits tend to show up with a velocity of around 100 which for some music, is just not hard enough.

Is there a way to limit the dynamic range to something specified by the user? Say, I want to use dynamic feature, but I want to limit the velocities to between 120 and 80, such that the tallest wave forms (the hardest hit) equals a MIDI velocity of 120, the softest hit equals a velocity of 80?


Carlos A.


Do you mean on the MIDI side? You can use MIDI Insert effect Compressor. Or MIDI Modifier Vel. Comp.