Dynamic Suffix and Music Spacing

How do I omit dynamic suffix from music spacing?
Feeling agitated.

Strange, doesn’t do that for me.


Yes, it doesn’t appear to do that for me either - can you post the project (or a cut-down version that includes just this bar to demonstrate the issue)? If you’re using the HSSE playback template, resetting it to “Silence” makes the file size much smaller.

Edit: For anyone reading this thread, there is also a Facebook post here.

(Cross-posting for anyone searching in future)

I suspect the hairpin is semantically too long: if you select it you’ll find that its end attachment line is further to the right than the f molto agitato. Drag the hairpin’s right handle to the left (or use Shift-Alt-Left) to fix it.

(and again, for anyone reading in future: if your dynamics are grouped, you’ll need to ungroup them before adjusting the hairpin, then regroup them once you’re done.)


problem solved. thanks leo!

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