Dynamic swells for Timpani rolls

I’m not sure if this is just a fault of the program or I’m doing something wrong but I put a timpani roll that’s supposed to swell from mf to ff by first cutting the ties and putting it where I wanted and then tying the notes and i found that it didn’t swell the notes at all. Not only that but it seems to just jump to ff on the next untied note after the roll. Is there something wrong here or does Dorico not support dynamic swells for Timpani rolls or percussion rolls for that matter.

On another note how do I add a dynamic at a specific point along an extended group of tied notes and copy that to all the other instruments at the same point. Do I really have to cut all the ties and select the note then retie them? Been mostly enjoying dorico but hating the way it handles tied notes because it makes it very hard to create dynamics or expression changes along a long sustained note which is a make or break feature for any DAW aimed at classical composers.

Messa di Voce playback hasn’t yet been implemented, but you may find that adding each hairpin separately gives you what you want.

As to dynamics within tie chains, read this post (and the four or five after it): https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=164870&start=25#p885885

What Expression Map is your timpani using? For a cresc. it may need a CC7 or CC11 (Modwheel) volume control, and if your expression map is set to volume via velocity (Default), that could be a factor.