Dynamic within crescendo


Attempted to find a post about this, but I couldn’t see anyone having the same issue (though I’m not very patient when sifting through forums, so apologies if this is a repeat question). Just needing a little help, I’m trying to create a crescendo like the one I’ve attached below. Funny thing is, I actually created that, but on accident and decided not to touch it so I didn’t mess it up. In my second (failed) example (attached), I’ve attempted to select the p and ff and attach the crescendo over the f, but that came up short. I’ve also attempted dragging the endpoint of the first crescendo over a beat to see if it would combine, but I still can’t figure it out. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Start by creating two crescendos, using “p < f” and “< ff” in the popover.

Then in Engrave mode, select the middle dynamic and switch on the “Hairpin shown as continuation” property.

If you want all your hairpins to look like this, select the option in Engraving Options / Dynamics.

What I suggest you do is do it all in one go via the Shift+D popover while advancing the caret.

Show the caret at the point at which the first dynamic should appear, and type Shift+D, then enter p< into the popover and hit Return; the p marking will appear, but no sign of the hairpin yet. Now press Space to advance the caret until you get to the spot where you want the mf to appear; the hairpin will have appeared and have advanced along with the caret by now. Type Shift+D and type mf< into the popover, and hit Return again. Keep pressing Space until you get to the spot where the last dynamic should go, and type Shift+D to show the popover once more, then type ff and press Return to finish the group of dynamics.

If the two hairpins don’t show as a single continuous hairpin either side of the mf marking, go into the Dynamics page of Engraving Options and set ‘Appearance of hairpins before and after a text dynamic’ to the desired appearance.

Thank you! That helped a lot!