Dynamically re-route chord playback

Hey team!
I rather like the default chord playback of Dorico 4, and I’m wondering if it was possible to make the playback sound assignable to various sounds on demand? This would work wonders for quick mock-ups of leadsheets…


I’m not quite sure what you’re asking: you can change the sound used for the chords track using the track inspector in Play mode.

Hey Daniel!
Well, I’d like to be able to switch to a different sound automatically from, let’s say, bar 29!


Right, I see. I’m afraid that’s not something we’re likely to add any time soon.


good morning!
That’s okay, actually, since this is rather a “nice to have” issue…

However, if I may:
Even more useful would be the ability to have the chord track follow a given instrument’s slash notation, or, perhaps more cleanly, to be able to write dedicated rhythm to the chord track, as a kind of “chord symbol instrument”.
For lead sheet playback, this would indeed be fabulous, even if one would have to choose one sound throughout.
Like a “turbo-crutch” for guitarists that are horrible piano players…

Have a great day,

Yes, I certainly agree it would be very neat to be able to control playback in the chord track in a more rhythmically interesting way. One day!