Dynamically switching between VST Inst ?

Is there a way to dynamically switch between 2 vst instruments on a single midi track’s output ?

I have 2 vst instruments: one has good arco doublebass sounds, the other has good pizz doublebass sounds.
Is there a way to tell a midi or instrument track ‘‘play out the first vst when I say arco, and play the second one when I say pizz’’ ?
Expression maps seem to be limited to sending midi infos to one vst instrument…

I feel like I’ll always have to deal with two midi tracks. One arco and one pizz, or just use one vst inst, right ?


Use two different MIDI channels…?

Thanks for your reply.
To my knowledge a midi track can send its infos to only one midi channel, right ?
So how would I deal with 2 different midi channels ?


You can set single notes to different MIDI channels in the Key editor in the info line.

Hey, thanks again for your reply.
I don’t get it.
Changing the channel in the info line of the key editor doesn’t seem to change anything.
It display a number but doesn’t send the midi notes on that channel.
In the manual, about editing on the info line in the key editor, it is said : ‘‘This allows you to move, resize, transpose or change velocity of events in a very precise manner.’’
But nothing is said about the channel mention…

Try setting track channel to “any” in the inspector


I’ve tried with ‘‘any’’ in the track’s channel but it still doesn’t work.
Is it working for you ?

There are two types of VST mono timbral and multitimbral. A multitimbral instrument can send to different MIDI channels and if the track is set to Any you should hear the different channels, but this does not solve your problem if you want to host more than one instrument in a single track, I don’t think this can be done.

There are plenty of workarounds though depending on what you want to do.

Load your two VSTi into the rack
Set one to receive on Ch.1, the other to receive on Ch 2.
Create a MIDI track
Set the MIDI track´s output to one of the two VSTi - channel “any”
Use a MIDI send, and set the output to the other VSTi - channel “any”
set the desireed channel per note in the key editor