Dynamics added to 8va-------|

I am not sure if anyone has noticed this, but if I have a section of music and there is an octave line that extends beyond several bar lines, if I click on the measure with start of the octave line, to add a crescendo hairpin underneath, the octave line is also selected and when I add the hairpin, it extends it through the length of the octave line, not within the confines of the measure that I wanted.

Not sure if this is a bug, but thought I would draw someone’s attention to it. I do not experience the same behavior with slurs, when they extend across bar lines.


It will use the duration of the longest item in the selection to determine the duration of the item you create. Slurs are different and special because of the way they attach to notes.

OK, that answer makes sense. I think maybe this might default behavior might want to be reexamined, when time allows.

While I understand what and why it happened, it was certainly unexpected. Numerous times, when clicking in the middle of the bar to select all of the notes in the bar, the octave line that started on the last beat was selected, along with all of the note heads for just the one bar. In a quick cursory glance, I was unaware that the octave line was selected, typed SHIFT+D, in the popover add < to what I believe are the selected notes, and poof, an 8 measure hairpin is created. Obviously I need to pay better attention, but since notes in other measures were not selected, it caused me to overlook the 8va was selected.


Robby, can I pick you up on “typed Shift-D, in the popover add <“ please?
For hairpins you don’t need the popover. Just select the notes and type <

Ohhhh… that sounds good. I’ll give that a try in the future Leo!! Thanks!!!


I didn’t know this either. Another couple of keystrokes saved. Thanks!

Thank you Leo! I’ve saved a bunch of keystrokes using this trick today.


Same here!!! Although, old dog/new tricks… I find myself hitting SHIFT+D without even recognizing it.