Dynamics and articulation

Does anyone use Articulations and dynamics in HSO with enough success to answer a couple of basic questions?

  1. When I insert an articulation into the score editor, it appears as a word(“staccato”) instead of the musical symbol. Is this correct?
  2. When I assign the dynamic Mapping in its setup page, a dynamics lane appears in the keys editor, but the articulation labels disappear from the little controller lanes. Is this correct?
  3. The dynamics don’t seem to affect the midi playback at all in HSO, but it works for other Halion VS-type sounds. Correct for now?

I read the other thread about some issues being worked out, and could not decide whether the problem was with the program or my understanding. Help?

Cubase 6.5.1 Windows 7 64 bit

Re point 2 and 3 (point 1 I haven’t tested).

Using Symphonic Orchestra in Halion 4, I’m experiencing the same as you. Did you find a solution?


Just found the solution to pt. 3.

In Halion 4 -> Symphonic Orchestra Options -> select MIDI Controller Expression Velocity. Now I can control the dynamics from the key editor -> articulation/dynamics lane.

The solution to #2 was to make the lanes a bit wider and adjust the brightness of the work area in Preferences.
BTW, now that I have the dynamics working, I think the Crescendo tool is great.
For #3 In Cubase 6, I found what you described in the “dynamics mapping setup”