Dynamics and CC11

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I’m having quite a good time with the new Key Editor and the playback template for Spitfire Abbey Road 2 - Iconic Strings. Having the key editor in Write mode is great. But I’m a bit puzzled by Dynamics and Expression. I believe they are CC1 and CC11 respectively in the library, but if I show lanes for Dynamics and CC11 and draw a curve in Dynamics, I get a matching (thin black) line in the CC11 lane. Missing something obvious no doubt.

I think I get it now. Dynamics lane is autogenerated from dynamics in the score and also pushed to CC1 lane. Presumably I should have been editing CC1 and CC11 and leaving Dynamics lane alone. So I suppose I can cut and paste my Dynamics edits to CC1 now. Almost makes me think Dynamics editor should have a little lock icon or something.

Moving automation points from one lane to another not possible?

Yes, the Dynamics lane is created from the … dynamics in the score. You can add or modify this in the lane.

Your Expression Map ‘translates’ Dynamics levels to the MIDI CC values that your sample uses, using the dynamics curve in playback options or the Expression map. So changes to the Dynamics lane should be reflected in CC1 and CC11.

Thanks. With the Abbey Road 2 expression map, it’s only reflected in CC1. That’s OK if I can copy and paste automation points, but I haven’t figured that out yet. It seems to pin them at zero when I paste in the destination lane.

Is CC11 used as the secondary dynamic value in the Abbey Road Expression map?

I would suggest using the dynamics editor rather than overriding the CC values directly, at least in the first instance; if you find that you later want to have, say, CC1 and CC11 at different values, then you could override the data for the secondary dynamic in its own editor as well, of course.

You can copy and paste data between editors easily, though not between MIDI CC and dynamics: you can copy between one MIDI CC and another one, but not when the two editors use different types of data. (MIDI CC uses a simple scale from 0–127, dynamics uses an abstract scale from -6.0 to +6.0.)

When you paste automation data, it is always pasted at the playhead position.

My mistake. I see changes in Dynamics editor are reflected in both CC1 and CC11 editors, so I can make all three visible and follow Daniel’s suggestion. Thanks!

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Makes sense in the light of 2023 :). Thank you! What a pleasure to be able to select a note on a staff and see and edit all three (or more) lanes.