Dynamics and expression stopped working since setting up midi mapping

I have a monogram creative console that has 2 faders already set up for CC1 and CC 11. It’s been working perfectly until I got cubase 12 pro and did the new midi remote thing. Which by the way, I didn’t even touch those faders, just assigned the other faders to QC. So how do I get the dynamics and expression to work again? Is it being overwritten or something? There isn’t even an option to select CC1 or 11 in the midi mapping assistant.

In true Cubase fashion, something so simple has to be complex. I’m looking forward to everybody’s comments.


The MIDI Output of the given device is occupied by the MIDI Remote as whole. You cannot use just some controls of the hardware for the MIDI Remote and the rest as common MIDI controllers.

The data from the MIDI Remote devices are not routed to the tracks, of course.

Thank you. I actually have a monogram creative console with only one set of faders (3) but I have several pages with blank Midi cc on all of them except for the dynamic and expression. Turns out, I just had to go into the midi mapping assistant, delete the faders that represented the dynamics and expression from the visual map thing, and it works. I can use my first 2 faders for dynamics and expression, and then press the “next profile” on my monogram, and control any QC’s I have.