Dynamics and repeats

Working with a score with a lot of repeats.
I want to have different dynamics on different repeats.
I can have for ex. “mf-p” but when I enter ‘p-pp’ into the popover, I get “ppp” instead.
How can I have p-pp in my score? (And also the same for “f-ff”)


Currently Dorico does not support different dynamics on repeats.

But it does… mf-p, f-p, f-pp, p-f etc are all possible.
It seems like it just doesn’t like the same letters… p-pp, pp-ppp, pp-p, f-ff, fff-f etc

Combined dynamics like “mf-p” aren’t for indicating variations of dynamic on different playthroughs, they’re to indicate things like “fp”, i.e. “start playing this note loudly but basically immediately get quiet”. And yes, the base dynamic on either side needs to be different, i.e. a type of “f” on one side, a type of “p” on the other.

You can find a number of threads discussing handling things that need to be different in some repeats vs others. Comprehensive support for this is on the team’s radar for the future.


I’m trying to create a dynamic marking that shows f - mf for a repeat section that should be forte the first time and mezzoforte the second time. Since Dorico doesn’t yet do this as a dynamic marking, I’m attempting to do it with plain text. I’ve chosen Bravura 12pt for the font which seems to be the correct size, but when I compare my custom marking to other actual f or mf markings, the font appears to be thicker on my custom one. What do I need to do to make my custom marking look like the actual dynamic marking? Thanks.

There may be an easier way but this might help?

(From our very own @DanKreider)

Try inserting music symbols in your Shift+X text item using the Insert Music Symbol dialog:

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