Dynamics and suffixes spacing

There seems to be a weird behaviour when it comes dynamics and suffixes.
Dorico correctly inserts a space after p dynamics but doesn’t do so for forte dynamics. I always have to go to the panel and insert the space manually after forte.

For comparison :


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I don’t see the same appearance as you describe when using Minion Italic (which if my eyes don’t deceive me is the font you’re using here):

Perhaps you could attach a minimal project that exhibits the problem?

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Thank you Daniel for your quick response ! It seems that the problem was from the music font !
Thanks once again


The negative right side-bearing of f used in your music font is maybe for having the next f, z to set as close as possible to the initial f
You might need to set the righ side-bearing to 0 then set the left side-bearing of f and z to some negative value.

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Indeed dear Nor ! :slight_smile:

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