dynamics and tremolos in percussion kit do not work properly

In the following example,
Screenshot 2019-02-15 20.45.34.png

  1. Dorico does not always play dynamics. I have not found any solution
  2. Dorico sometimes does not interpret the tremolo. In this case, I must re-enter the notes and tremolos.

No. 2 seems to be an issue of Dorico.
About No. 1, I have no ideas.

Has anyone experienced similar things?

I’m sure we’ve discussed dynamics on percussion kits shown using the grid or five-line staff presentation type in the last week or so, but let’s do it again. (It helps if you search the forum for terms like “percussion dynamics” before you post – if you do, and additionally try searching for posts by me, i.e. “Daniel at Steinberg”, you will quickly find the answer. We don’t have many rules on this forum – basically, be polite, don’t bump threads, and search before you post – but it really helps if you try to follow them.)

When you combine multiple percussion instruments into a kit, Dorico will only play the dynamics that apply to the individual instruments in the kit. Those dynamics will not appear when you choose the grid or five-line staff presentation type, but they will play back. So to make dynamics play back on percussion, on the Players page of Layout Options, set the presentation type for your percussionist to ‘Single-line instruments’ and add the dynamics there. You can then add separate dynamics to the overall grid after you change the presentation type, though these dynamics will have no effect in playback.

Regarding your reported problem with tremolos, please attach an example that doesn’t play back as you expect. (The only other rule for this forum not mentioned above is that it is considerably easier to diagnose a problem you are experiencing if you attach the project itself and not merely a picture of it. Don’t waste your own and other forum users’ time by making them ask you to attach a project. Just attach a minimal example that exhibits the problem in the first place.)

I am attaching the file.

Regarding the dynamics, I saw the long thread about percussion and dynamic, and some points have been still unclear for me.
Your explanation in this thread made it clear, and I now realise that our view of points is somewhat different.

If I understand you correctly, what you explain is No. 1 and No. 2.
On what I am confused is described in No. 3 and No. 4.

  1. to listen to the dynamic, dynamic marks must be inputted via single-line staves. I may do it in the score or parts (player’s layouts).

  2. In the score, I want to use five-line staves or grid in order not to see the unnecessary individual percussion instruments per page.

  3. In the score, I do not see any dynamic markings on percussion staves after selecting grids or five-line staves for percussion parts in the score. Therefore, I need to input additional dynamic markings on percussion parts for conductors (and all people who read the score) because the readers of the score need to know the dynamic on percussion staves.

  4. I must re-input dynamics on the grid percussion staves (or five-line staves) which are precisely the same as the single-line percussion staves.

To me, doing No. 4 seems to be still odd.

Do I understand the fact correctly?
Is the process above is a proper one?
test tremolo-beaming dynamics-percussion.dorico.zip (469 KB)

While things may change in the future, the current Dorico implementation of percussion dynamics gives one far more granular control of playback than a one-dynamic-affects-all system would. Probably for notating a drum set, being able to write dynamics once for the entire five-line stage would in fact be faster and provide the playback needed whereas the opposite might be true for a more diverse orchestral percussion ensemble.

It may be possible down the road for the Dorico Team to provide options for different percussion implementations, but one cannot fault them for this initial implementation. (Well, I suppose one could fault them, but I do not.)

The process you describe regarding dynamics is the correct one.

I have opened your project and all of the tremolos play as expected in the full score layout. Perhaps you could be more specific about which tremolo or tremolos in which instrument or instruments are not playing back as you expect.

Thanks, I understand now the thing correctly!
Copying the dynamics is not so hard when following the steps:

  1. select the first dynamic on a percussion grid (or five-line staff) in the score
  2. press ctrl/cmd + shift + a three times
  3. select the bar rest in the first bar if there are no notes in the first bar
  4. copy them by pressing ctrl/cmd + c
  5. go to the part layout (pressing w)
  6. press ctrl/cmd + L, the goto Percussion under player in the left column of the Layout window
  7. select the percussion part layout in the Layout column in the right panel of the Layout window
  8. select Single-line instruments
  9. press Apply, then close
  10. select the rests in the first bar on all individual percussion instruments staves
  11. paste it by pressing ctrl/cmd + v

In unconsciousness, I had removed the tremolo markings and re-entered them before I wrote the first post of this thread. This is the reason why you cannot found the problem. I apologise you for it.
However, I think this is related to https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=154941.
I will re-upload the file if I see the same phenomenon on percussion staff again.